Club meeting 7/9 - Rock and Brews Chesterfield

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Are we holding a Club meeting tomorrow on July 9th? If so, where is it being held as I haven't seen an email, a thread and I can't seem to locate the calendar on the website...Just curious.

Scott J
I sent the meeting notice earlier today.
Where: Rock and Brews Chesterfield
Time: 6 - 7:30pm
Let me know if you didn't receive the attached.


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Crappy weather last night, so I don't blame anyone for not getting out. Thanks to the attendees:
Rich Schipper
Paul Proefrock
Regan Roemer
Kevin Witthaus
Mike Plunk
Scott Johnston
Ian/Barb Turner

Meeting Minutes:
  • We covered the calendar of events which, admittedly is pretty light with planned activities. If you have an idea for a cruise, social gathering or anything, please do not hesitate to post a thread and Mike or I will add to the calendar.
  • JULY: (2) Track events see the Calendar. One is coming up this weekend at Putnam Park. If you attend, please post pics! The other is the MotorVault HPDE. Motorvault is a Backdraft dealer in Indianapolis and they are seeking participants. If you can attend, please do so, otherwise, this event will not return.
  • AUGUST: Kent made the suggestion of doing the Rusty Wallace Driving Experience on 8/24. Please go to that thread and indicate your interest HERE. There are no planned cruises in August nor car shows. If you have knowledge of one, please post about it, and again, Mike or I will post to the calendar.
  • SEPTEMBER: 9/28 is our Club Picnic. So, please mark your calendars. We will have on site cooked BBQ Pork Steaks this year and our location has CHANGED (Veterans Tribute Park). You can learn more HERE. No planned cruises for this month.
  • OCTOBER: Our semi annual Fall cruise in the Arkansas Ozarks. See more Info HERE. I've reserved a block of (12) rooms at the moment, and will need to expand on that asap if you plan to attend. I will share details in that thread to reserve your rooms.
As you may know from another thread about Kerry Owen, he is in the hospital with heart issues. His wife Kathy reached out asking for help during this time. Please contact Laurie Wilson or Linda Mauldin if you would like to help. On 9/21, Rich and I plan to go down to trim and mow their yard. Additional help trimming is requested if anyone is available. A big plus to being a part of our club is the support from club members when help is needed. We've always stepped up and have been able to help out. If you have any questions, you can also contact me directly at 314-873-6698.

Although the meeting venue was inside and the food was good, it's just too noisy of an environment to have an effective/interesting meeting. Still looking for that perfect venue that provides an indoor/outdoor setting and is relatively quiet so everyone can hear what is being presented. Let me know if you have ideas.