London Cobra Show

London Cobra Show and Parking Lot parties…. Recently, Linda and I had a chance to go to London, Ohio to the Cobra show there with members from the club.  The trip to London was long, filled with rain, and what seemed like a forever trip made longer.  Seems it’s usually that way when you are […]



Trail Braking

TRAIL BRAKING (From the Physics of Racing Series) Trail-braking is a subtle driving technique that allows for later braking and increased corner entry speed. The classical technique is to complete braking before turn-in. This is a safer, easier technique for the driver because it separates traction management into two phases, braking and cornering, so the […]

Winter Blues

THE WINTER BLUES Article by Purple Venom. Each year, about this time, I toy with the thought of selling Purple Venom. I tell others it will be for sale soon, I have a price in mind, and I just stay away from the car so it will be easier when it sells. I tell everyone […]



2014 February Car of the Month

Pictured before you here, in front of the world famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis is another landmark of achievement worthy of being named car of the month for February 2014. It’s the Factory Five Racing Mark IV of our own Club Secretary – Mark Patterson. Mark’s car was just completed a few month’s ago, […]

2014 January Car of the Month

Ominous, foreboding, those are just a couple of words to describe this artful picture of Clyde and Tom Johnson’s ERA replica. While we have only seen it a few times, one thing is sure – this car will be stunning when done. Yea, I said it…it’s not done. Clyde completed the build of this ERA […]



2014 Cover Car of the Month

This year’s calendar cover car of the year is none other than Tom Keiser’s Mark I.5 Factory Five. Finished in a beautiful Viper Red and GM Arctic white paint scheme, Tom’s car (chassis #2636) is outfitted with a Ford Racing 302 that he built, topped off with X303 heads, fuel injection, and a Vortech Supercharger. […]

Our NEW Home Page !

Welcome to our new Blog Style Home page. I hope you like it. I think you’ll find this new page very useful, and entertaining to visit on a regular basis. This new page has a lot of great features. First are the three featured articles (above). These articles will remain on a semi-permanent basis. Meaning, […]